I was a bit of an Search Engine Optimization skeptic.

All websites need a Google listing to be found in the search box. But I believed that it was too much effort or

money to try to get on page one or even page 2. And without a doubt much too much effort to get listed with Yahoo

or Bing. Google have 80% of the search engine market so why even bother?

But there are many agencies out there who offer SEO services, it is a big industry so it must be worth it, right?

There didn’t seem to be any way to get past the big competition. For Call team as virtual receptionists this is All

day PA, Moneypenny, or Penelope. They are like the Apple of the call handling world and Call team are like the Pip.

Here are the page 1 Google search results for ‘virtual receptionist uk’. By page 5, I was bored and still hadn’t

found Call team.

Quite a large chunk of page 1 is taken up with Google ads. You can see ‘alldaypa.com’ but also ‘myalldaypa.com’

cheeky name copy there, is that legal?


Call team needs new customers to grow. The effort of re-branding and updating the website made it seem like it was

worth a try.

So a free version of Yoast was installed and I worked through the blogs making

changes. It was¬†actually very satisfying to get two green dots – ‘Readability’ and ‘Keyword’ for each

written piece.

Yoast SEO

Related searches

Google gives us related searches at the bottom of the page to show other popular search terms. I revisited all the

written content on the Call team website. I wanted to use relevant words and phrases that potential customers were

using to search for Virtual receptionists in Google. But it must still be easy to read, not just packed with


Google suggest


Then I got on with my life and didn’t think about SEO again. Until a couple of weeks later a prospective customer

rang out of the blue. Not a referral, not someone I knew.

Where did you find us?

Searching Google for ‘Virtual receptionist for therapist’ and Call team cam up on page one.

I’m an SEO convert now – proud to have made it onto page one of Google and found by our ideal customer too.

Virtual receptionist for therapist