Prospecting on LinkedIn for new customers is one of Shareworkers favourite things to do for clients.

LinkedIn is used mostly for two activities.

Firstly, corporate employees and recruiters connect with each other about career changes, jobs and employment.

Secondly, B2B (businesses that sell to other businesses) connect with each other, build trust, generate enquiries, do some business and make money. With over 540 million worldwide users, LinkedIn is the place to be online if you’re in business.

Here are our top 5 LinkedIn tips:

1. Join, Sign up!

If you’re in business, you need a profile.LinkedIn has great Search Engine Optimisation. Google your name to see how far up page 1 your LinkedIn profile appears.

Heidi Fuller Google Search

2. Set up a company page.

It is static and doesn’t do much (unlike Facebook pages) but it is a shop window for your company. You need one, potential clients will look at it to verify your credentials and it needs to link to your website. Once your company page is set up you can link your job role to the logo on your company page.

Shareworkers LinkedIn

Shareworkers LinkedIn Company Page

3. Put a photo on your profile.

Make it a normal face picture. People do business with people. No one wants to see your company car or your logo, we don’t care. We want to see your face. Your sober face, without a helmet on, no kids pulling faces or a masked ball feathery costumes, please.

If in doubt, test your picture at

Heidi Fuller LinkedIn

4. Only connect with potential customers.

You’re there to do business. Connect with friends, family and former colleagues via Facebook. The more unnecessary connections on LinkedIn the more watered down your news feed will become. The more you’re connected with potential clients the more likely you are to start a conversation. Only recruiters need as many connections as possible to promote their latest vacancy.

Wham bang thank you, mam!

Don’t fill your feed with mass connections of people with dubious business credibility.

5. Give it time.

Social selling is a slow burner, you’re not working on a market stall. It takes us longer to trust with online connections. Let relationships develop. Search for the right kind of businesses and people that you want to buy your product or service and connect with them.

Here, take the test and find out how good your LinkedIn profile is:

Is your LinkedIn profile a 10/10?

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P.S B2C (businesses that sell to consumers) welcome on LinkedIn too but may find Facebook works better for them.