Instagram has changed their algorithm for 2018. It used to be a case of posting regular content and watching your followers grow. Now it seems that you have to be constantly watching Instagram to be able to increase your followers. However, with these easy steps, you can grow your following without having to spend money promoting your posts. You can sign up to Instagram here if you haven’t already.

Instagram sign up image

1. Post engagement.
Instagrams algorithm is mostly based on post engagement. This can include; the number of likes, comments, video views, saves, shared posts, direct messages and any other type of engagement a post gets. When your post receives lots of likes and comments, this then triggers the Instagram algorithm and ranks your post as quality, engaging content that more people will want to see. This used to be a chronological feed. Now it is ranked on engagement!

2. Instagram stories.
A great way to get around the algorithm is to take advantage of the new ‘Instagram Stories’ and the new features that come with it. These include the polling feature or “Swipe Up” option (note: this is only available if you have over 10k followers.) You can also place notes in the post to “DM (direct message)” for further details on a product or service. This is helpful if you have less than 10k followers.

3. Replies, comments and post likes.
If you reply to all comments on your posts and write comments on other people’s posts, this shows that you are engaging with your followers and other Instagram users. It used to be a simple case of waiting for the likes and comments to roll in once you have posted. However, now the more comments you reply to and post, the higher up the Instagram ranking you will find yourself. This is also based on how quickly you reply and how quickly your post gets a lot of likes. This can make your post fall into the ‘trending’ bracket and drive up likes and engagement with a snowball effect.

4. Use relevant hashtags.
A few of you may have heard of the Instagram ‘shadowban’ that was happening to people who were using too many non-relevant hashtags on a regular basis. You can still use hashtags and these are a great way to grow your page but make sure they are relevant and useful. If you post a picture of a yellow bus then don’t tag “#red #green #outfitoftheday” as this will lower your rank in the Instagram algorithm.

5. Be consistent.
Create a theme that matches your product or service and stick with it. This makes your page look great when someone clicks your the profile. Try to keep background colours similar and in keeping with your theme as this will be part of your brand image. A messy page can put users off and stop them from clicking on more of your posts, which lowers the potential engagement figures. As we have already shown this can really impact how many people see your page. Also, think about what you’re posting; does this match your brand image, does it portray your brand in a positive way and will people comment on and like the post?

If you follow these five tips to grow your Instagram page in 2018 and still don’t seem to be getting the numbers that you deserve then contact us, one of our Instagram experts will help you to achieve your goals! If you really can’t understand your page or just simply hate Instagram then we can manage your account fully with a bespoke plan to suit any brand, product or business.