Creating the perfect Facebook Ad can seem like a difficult task. With all the decisions you have to make, from choosing your marketing objective, selecting what to include in your detailed targeting and deciding on a budget, it can all get a bit stressful.

Follow this guide and we will help you create the perfect Facebook Ad.

Facebook Ad Success

1. Marketing Objective

This all depends on what you would like your ad to achieve. Do you want it to be seen by the maximum amount of people? Do you want people to click on a link to your website? If you hover your mouse over each of the options Facebook explains what each one will do for you.

Marketing objective


Knowing who your target audience is will help massively when filling out this section. You can get a lot of information from your Facebook insights for example, where your customers live, their gender and age. Alternatively, you can create a lookalike audience, with help from Facebook they create a list of people similar to your existing customers. Facebook has a great step by step guide to show you how here. Below is an example of what we included in our latest Facebook advert, we were targeting small business owners who need help with their social media marketing.

Facebook ad targeting 2Facebook ad targeting

3.Budget and Schedule

The best part of this section is you can tinker with your budget and schedule and Facebook will give you estimates. If your marketing objective is for ‘link clicks’ then Facebook will show you your estimated reach and link clicks, if your marketing objective is ‘reach’ Facebook will show you your estimated reach only. Playing around with how long your ad will run and how much you want to spend will adjust the estimates. Have an idea in your mind what your goal is, you can edit these while your ad is live as well.

Link clicks reach Link clicks reach

4. Ad Set Up

The perfect Facebook ad will have a short and punchy caption and an image size of 1,200 x 628 pixels (Canva has a Facebook post template which is very handy when designing your ad). Below is an example of our recent Facebook ad, we wanted to explain very simply what we do with an eye-catching image. Create an ad that encourages people to start a conversation with your business. You can preview what your ad will look like on different platforms, from desktop to mobile.

Perfect facebook ad

5. Call-To-Action

A call to action (CTA) is a very important part of your advert. You have a few options to pick from, you should choose the action you want people to take when they see your advert. We wanted people to send us a message, therefore our CTA was ‘Send Message’. If you want people to book your service you can pick ‘Book Now’.


We hope this helps you feel more confident while creating your Facebook adverts, remember you can always edit the advert while it’s live or cancel and take it down if you aren’t happy with how it’s going. If you are really struggling then please get in touch, we love creating perfect Facebook ads!