There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world, or so we have always been told. What lunches won’t give away, the

wonderful world wide web is handing out for nada.

Talented educated people are pretty much tripping up over themselves to give away freebies; everyone who is anyone is

hosting regular free training webinars (No? Keep up, you’re so 2014) as part of their sales funnel.

You get an hour of the expert talking, sharing their juicy best bits on screen and the last 10 minutes is usually a sell in of the full

package at a reduced price offer……..But only if you sign up before the life changing training goes up to an eye-watering $$$’s

24 hours later. Nevertheless a fantastic opportunity to get a taster of the subject and the teacher.

Tune into enough webinars and you can learn a lot; I’ve watched virtual assistant trainers, linkedin experts, writers, marketing

experts, facebook trainers, NLP experts, healers and learnt a ton of information for free.

Even Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs are onto it with a free business webinar about expenses for the self employed (well

what are you waiting for?)

This year I’ve taken online courses in building WordPress websites, Digital marketing, Reiki Healing, Affiliate Marketing and am

just about to start a Healthcare course. Not all for free but each was less than a meal out. Learning has been revolutionised as

we can shop around online and tailor training packages to our exact needs filling in any shortfall in our knowledge. Sites like

Udemy offer a vast library of courses and regular special offers make learning for pleasure affordable.

When I was searching for Social Media training I became tired of hearing AWESOME! from American marketing experts.

Overused over the pond, by everyone, endlessly, every webinar.

Should be kept for a startling sudden vision of a deity not for how many twitter followers you can get.

Luckily I found Naomi from branching out online via her free webinar, realised she was a straight talker from Cheshire (never

says AWESOME) signed up and haven’t looked back. She comes highly recommended and proof that the sales funnel works

without a hard-sell and big bucks if you’ve got a quality product. 


And it’s not just lovely people online who are handing out free stuff: here is a list of my favourite not-necessarily-for-business

websites of 2015. You don’t need to be a micro business, small business, entrepreneur, solopreneur, mompreneur, dadpreneur

or consultant to click on the links below and enjoy free stuff.



Ditch your designer and do it yourself. Easy to use templates, free graphics and fonts, Canva makes being artistic easy and

fun. Great for business cards, design your own family cards or just be creative. No excuse for a shoddy Facebook cover image


canva logo


Want to know if your face photo is going to be suitable for your business profile? Upload it and find out for free here, it’s fun to

rate others too. People are categorised according to traits like ‘trustworthiness’ Also good for testing your dating profile picture

won’t put them off. 


Need to edit some photos? Forget having to learn complicated Photoshop, Pixlr offers you tailored options depending on your

photographic needs like ‘express’ for a quick fix or ‘editor’ for more complex amends.



Millions of photos taken by us and given to us under ‘creative commons’ license. Help yourself, almost any image you can

think of will be here. I like to use them with Canva to create inspirational quotes.

You have to be ODD to be number ONE (2)


Beautiful hi resolution professional quality free photos, 10 new ones like this stunning snowy mountain added every 10 days.

Often spotted on premium websites like


So, lunches may not be free but the internet provides us with wonderful free stuff to occupy us long enough to skip lunch.