K&J Carers

1. Background

K&J Carers is a Domiciliary Care business, they look after adults with disabilities, in their own home.Their clients, after being treated like a commodity by large care companies value the bespoke ‘person centered’ approach taken by K&J Carers.
The business was started in October 2015 and has been built up to 6 members of staff with no marketing, just personal recommendations.
The business recently achieved a ‘good’ rating from The Care Quality Commission. The directors aim going forward is for increased but steady growth maintaining an excellent reputation in the local area.

2. Ideal client

The marketing strategy started with defining K&J Carers ideal client:
A person (or couple) who live locally and need help with day to day living.

Mrs Smith is in her 60’s, lives alone and is wheelchair bound following an accident. She needs assistance getting up in the morning, washing or showering and getting dressed, similarly she needs help to go to bed in the evenings. Mrs Smith can prepare most meals in her converted kitchen but also needs help with cleaning, gardening, shopping and occasional outings. 

Often it might be a family member who contacts K&J Carers so any marketing activity needs to appeal to both client and family:

Mrs Pearson is Mrs Smiths daughter. She visits Mrs Smith twice a week but has a full time job and a family of her own. She worries about the time her mother spends on her own but admires her for wanting to stay in her own home. 

3. The plan

We established K&J carers brand values: Trustworthy, reliable, friendly, compassionate & considerate.

Shareworkers and the client worked together to produce a marketing plan.

It was decided to utilise social media to start with and as the biggest platform, Facebook is where ideal clients hang out online. This is a local business so needs local marketing and on a budget Facebook is a good start.

The company Facebook business page was set up, optimised and headers designed. Facebook posts reflecting the companies brand values were created to ensure a steady stream of new content. All scheduled according to the marketing calendar, created as part of the plan.

Relevant articles and blog posts are sourced and posted on the page too.

All employees are encouraged to share posts and interact with the page to gain more followers and raise the profile of the company. The two managing directors have joined local Facebook groups to interact with local residents.

K&J carers flyer was produced to promote the business and leaflet drop selectively in the local area.

Call team

Call team is a UK based Telephone Answering Service. It is a modern virtual business for the digital age with no offices, manned by workers from their own homes and was established in 2009.

The business needed to update it’s image. The flyer was old fashioned, dark and slightly threatening, it seemed to want to scare small business owners into utilising the services. See image on the left

So after an analysis of the current customer base – Small businesses, Consultants, Health Industry professionals and an After school club, it was decided that a softer more reassuring approach was needed.

The company image as Efficient, Professional &  Reliable was created. A new logo was designed and brand guidelines written. The imagery should appeal to both men and women, be business-like and modern but accessible. No cartoons, just photographs of real people in realistic situations preferably using the phone.

Call team brand and colours were updated to be more modern and the website was given a total overhaul with a new theme installed, new images and copy written.
A pop up window was installed as an additional method of customers contacting the business and additional pages showing pricing and a blog were added.

The primary method Call team gain new customers is through referrals from Virtual Assistants so a Facebook advertising campaign was launched directed at groups for VA’s.
Several clients have been found using this method and the company’s turnover doubled in 6 months as a result of the rebrand and targetted advertising campaign.