Build trust with shareworkers

We are naturally suspicious of people we don’t know or, in the case of the internet, can’t see either. Market

research backs up this premise. We need to feel trust before we part with our cash. Here are some Shareworkers

recommended suggestions on how to make your potential customers turn into actual customers:


1. Get a professional website, not a hark back to the dark ages before responsive web design when websites were

mostly text written in a skinny column. More than 50% of internet searches are done on a mobile phone these days.

Your website needs to be fully responsive so it works on a mobile phone. Cheap websites are easy to spot, don’t be



2. But make sure your website allows you shine through on the page if you are a one person business. Show

us your personality, don’t be vanilla. No broken links or links to non existent social media accounts please.


3. Blue is considered the most trustworthy colour according to colour psychologists, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

all have blue branding for good reason. Consider using blue, perhaps with a nice accent colour or two.


4. Offer a freebie or free advice in your area of expertise. Give value for money. This is a good way to build an

email list too.


5. Give real contact information online. Be easy to contact, put an email address and a phone number on your

website. If you can’t get to the phone, employ a call handling company so your customers speak to a real person.


6. Get some testimonials or endorsements and mention any industry awards. We all love a review!


7. Have a secure check-out if you are selling products or services direct. Get an SSL certificate.


8. Show your face online. This shows you are willing to put yourself out there and have nothing to hide.


9. Find what you have in common with your customers and draw on shared situations. Look for the win-win in

conversations with customers.


10. Always keep your word: “I takes many good deeds to build a good reputation and only one bad one to lose it.”

Benjamin Franklin.


11. Nurture the relationship, don’t be pushy but stay up to date with your prospects situation through proactive



12.Give it time. Trust is the most valuable asset in a business, it’s what the big brands strive for. It’s worth

waiting for.