Keeping a dog and barking yourself

As a small business owner, you might think social media marketing is difficult, time consuming and not for your business, it’s

just somewhere for the kids of today to hang out isn’t it?

However, if I told you there was somewhere with free advertising where you can speak directly to your customers and that this

will give you a voice as loud as your bigger competitors, why wouldn’t you? Assuming you want to grow your business of

course, it’s a no brainer, time to get social!


So any old Tom, Dick or Harry can mess about on Facebook, why would you pay out for a specialist, not exactly rocket science

is it? But done badly, social media can do a lot of damage to your reputation. Ask British Airways; when a customer’s’ luggage

went missing in 2013, their tweet response went viral. Good publicity, not.


So why bother enlisting the help of an expert?  

Here are my 5 top reasons why:

1.Your website

Your websites social media buttons don’t connect to anywhere.

I have come across several websites recently with this issue. Linking up the two is great for search engines but it is

also going to make you easier to find online, which in turn will make you easier to do business with. So if your business profiles

are out of date, not connected or fully optimised, shut them all down, remove the icons from your website and return to the

dark ages, seriously, don’t bother.


2. Your business

It takes several hours a week to run social media, you might have free time now but what will happen once the marketing

works and your business takes off? Will you be able to respond to your customers in a timely way or will you do a British

Airways? Your business response time online will be consistent and faster with a social media manager monitoring your


The activity of your competitors, what’s happening within your industry, a flow of ideas from similar businesses and a 24/7 set

of eyes on your customers are all automatic advantages that an expert will bring.  Your business  will gain a reputation for

customer service excellence and you will gain the valuable viewpoint of an outsider.

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3. Your customers 

Unless your website is lucky enough to be on page one of google it will be much easier for your customers to find you on

social media and unless your website has a forum it will be much easier for your customers to interact with you on social

media, that’s where they will look for you first.

A large active audience requires nurturing and attention, a social media manager’s reputation depends upon your business

succeeding online, they have a full understanding of social media etiquette and won’t alienate your customers. Techniques

such as list building can be set up to grow your audience and interactions will bring great insight into your customers buying



4. You

Are you up to speed with all current technology: ‘Blab’ anyone? How about a bit of Periscope? Would you know the optimum

time to schedule activity, how to measure it’s success and how to use that insight to plan your next customer engagement?

How often should you post, what type of post and do you need a call to action every time? Will targeted advertising work?

Should you pay for followers? How do you run a campaign? Do you need to know this or is your expertise elsewhere; do you

have better things to do? I read somewhere that over 90% of small businesses are still trading after 5 years when they enlist

expert help in areas where they lack knowledge. If even the basics are doing your head in then it’s time to call the experts. 


5. The Dog

Even your dog knows it’s not about ‘going viral’ or getting big LIKES and because you wouldn’t get a dog and bark yourself but

no 5 is mostly because images of fluffy animals get more shares and likes so this blog post will gain further reach.

Lots of people love dogs but there is no need to bark yourself.

Don't keep a dog and bark yourself

Don’t keep a dog and bark yourself